Dr. Willett’s Workshop has new Saloon

Dr. Willett’s Workshop wants to spice up your tabletop with their new Saloon terrain piece.

From them to you:

The Gold Rush Saloon kit is finally available for purchase from the Blog or EBay. The pictures speak for themselves really.

It is 17 cm long, 10cm large and high. I took pictures with a miniature from Wyrd Mniatures to give you a better idea of the scale. The kit weigh about 300g and is cast in light grey resin, you can also see what you’re getting on the last picture.
A bit of assembling is required but nothing complicated really!

  • supervike

    That thing is awesome! And the price is really nice. Please start doing modern or sci fi buildings!

    • Piston Honda

      what he said.

  • cama

    Forget about sci-fi – that’s a dead market. Do more historical buildings!

    • cybogoblin

      I wouldn’t call it a dead market, just over-saturated. There’s a fair bit of old west terrain out there too, but not nearly as much as sci-fi.

  • Orca

    Yep I want more historical buildings too