Dominant Species the Card Game review posted on Play Board Games

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Aug 20th, 2012

Dominant Species is the latest game to be reviewed up on Play Board Games.

From the review:

Dominant Species is an excellent worker placement game that is a brain burner. Dominant Species the Card Game is lighter, faster and only related in theme and art. But is it good like the board game?

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  • TomasT

    I wonder if the card game makes it any more fun?

    I’ve only played the board game a few times, but I must say that I have had more fun peeling my skin with a cheese grader and stopping the blood with salt, than I had playing that game.

  • keltheos

    I like about 90% of the card game. It’s fast and fun and has some good simple mechanics. The 10% I dislike just about kills the game for me, however. Too much ‘once you’re ahead it’s hard to fall behind’ and ‘once you’re behind, you’re screwed’ for my taste. Everything favors the player who has won the most rounds, and the bonus cards and bonus VP for high player in the last round of the game is brutal (especially when you couple that with the low player LOSES VP).

    Fun but the lack of ‘catch up’ when you’re stuck with a bad sorting of cards has put this on the back burner for me. The other players in our play group love it, though.