Dogmen Engineers released for Flintloque

Alternative Armies have released the Dogmen Engineers set for Flintloque.

Dogmen Engineers

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone

Alternative Armies has made its second autumn release for the ‘World of Valon’, that is for the 28mm scale game systems of Flintloque 3rd Edition and Slaughterloo. Here is some information about it, enjoy!

56537 Dogmen Engineers Set 8 White Metal Miniatures Plastic Bases included. £14.00

This versatile set contains one mounted Dogman Engineer Officer on Horse, one fully laden Pack Horse, one Scenic Item (case of bombs with powder barrel and rope) and four Dogmen sappers on foot. Those on foot comprise Dogman with wooden planks and separate mallet, Dogman with mucky shovel, Dogman carrying a Barrel and Dogman with cannonball and pistol.

Full rules for the creation and use of Engineers and Sappers in Flintloque can be found in the 5027 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Grapeshotte book. You can read a lot more about this new pack on the Barking Irons Blog or you can go straight to the Alternative Armies website.

In both places you can see other images of the pack and read its information insert with background and uniforms. The mounted officer, the Pack Horse and the Scenic Item can all be purchased as single pieces from the set as well.

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