Distant Outposts: A sci-fi poster map set up on Kickstarter

Distant Outposts is a new sci-fi poster map set up on Kickstarter. They’ve made it up and over their goal and still have a few days left to make it through more stretch goals.

Distant outposts


From the campaign:

Starting with the Commercial Quadrant and expanding from there, Each poster-sized section of the Orbital Docking Station is designed to be rotated and repositioned to change the deck plan; as this project expands, so does your space station! The docked starship will grow, too, from a reconnaissance scoutship into a complete colony transport vessel that will make the perfect base for an exploration-themed campaign. As you can see from the images below, all of the front-side artwork is already finished and ready to print!

The Commercial Quadrant includes a Gaming Lounge, Repair Shop, Robotics store, and Personal Arms & Equipment Dealer on board the station, while the docked colony scouting vessel has an armored drop shuttle attached for deployment of personnel to a planet’s surface: