Dino Wars miniatures skirmish game up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 26th, 2013

Dino Wars is a sci-fi miniatures skirmish game that’s up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding.

From the campaign:

Finely detailed resin miniatures from an ancient world, brought back to your table top.

Our aim is to bring our range of fantastic resin figurines which go from 25mm up to 200mm!!!

This is a full working tabletop war game with its own full set of functional rules and additional mission packs.

We have a full range of weird and tremendous dinosaurs, with untold amounts of power, all held ready, in reserve for the stretch goals!

The game itself is a move and attack based game where models come with their own action points and control their rage to give you a bonus. The models will come as standard (which is a possible load out if you want a close combat list) but the armor and weapons will be included for buying the upgrades in your lists!

The game is played on a 4×4 foot table top and there are 6 playable missions available in the rulebook!

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  • Gallahad

    Gah! This sounds like a cool concept, but unfortunately zero details about gameplay, three single snapshots of pretty amateur looking WIPs, and a couple pieces of substandard concept art do not a successful Kickstarter make.

    If you go to the website, he lists as an event “On July 10th 2013 the idea is born to create a table top board game based on dinosaur and lasers!”

    So this has gone through all of one month of playtesting? Geez man, have a little respect for the time honored dinosaurs and lasers genre of miniature wargaming.

  • damianlz

    Im.. actually a little taken back. I have been working on a Dinoriders-eEsque ruleset and minis series for some time and was in the process o organizing our kickstarter and website.. so to see this – even if our production side has seen WAYYYY more progress to be honest. Its kind of shocking that when you finally put boot to heel someone pops up with your idea right before you do.

    • Tbh, I saw the post and though ‘Hell Yeah! Dinoriders!’ since I’m a child of the 80s… And then I saw the actual kickstarter and became sad…

      That’s not to say this isn’t a bad game, but its not what expected.

      So bring on a proper Not-Dinoriders!

      • Tre Manor

        Well to be honest Dino-Riders is not exactly a novel idea. It just has nto seen much in terms of actual games yet……yet.

    • Gallahad

      I am pretty confident that this project won’t get off the ground, so I wouldn’t worry about competition. WAYYYY more progress on the production side will put you miles ahead of this project. Seriously, do the prep work, and I will be waiting patiently for damianlz’s dino battles or whatever KS campaign.

    • Murrellz

      Hi damianlz, sorry to “steal in first” so to speak but what can you do hey, would love to talk more with you about our projects etc. If you want to chat a bit, contact me through the website.

      Thanks and sorry again, i know the amount of work that you have to put in to get a project off the ground, and its even worse when you have invested time and money and someone steals in.


    • Grim6

      I agree with On The Lamb and Gallahad. I don’t think this is reason to stop your own work.

  • Murrellz

    Hi Guys! Thanks for the glorious comments of praise! This game has been play tested for the last 6 months but if i put that on the website people would surely just be saying “what’s he been doing for the last 6 months” 6 months of hard work and full commitment to getting the best project possible, I’ve posted this in groups for the last month or so for advice etc before it was launched, advice is always appreciated.

    Thanks for your backing.

    • Soulfinger

      So the idea was born five months after you started play testing? That’s freaking awesome! “Guys, for the past five months, we’ve been playing with dinosaurs and lasers and working hard with full commitment. I have an idea! Let’s make a board game based on all of this! I’ll post a flyer when I go to group.”

      I don’t want the board game. I want a KS based on the five months that went into it prior to this becoming an actual game. It is probably like when my friend and I first bought our Firestorm Armada ships and we spent ten minutes pointing them at each other, making pew pew noises BUT WITH DINOSAURS AND LASERS. You get to stomp around going ROAR! and zzap zzap and then somebody walks in and asks what game you’re playing, and you get to say, “It’s not a game . . . not yet.” I don’t have to cosplay though, do I? Because I’m not down with that, unless maybe we’re dressing like palaeontologists, in which case I think I just need to buy a pair of Birkenstocks and one of those vests with a lot of pockets.

      • Soulfinger

        And on top of all that, guys, this KS has no risks! None whatsoever! Not even a major manufacturer with multiple projects under their belt can give you that kind of guarantee.

        • Shas malcaor

          It is also the fact that apparently everything will be shipped within 2 months of the the end of the kickstarter. Even major companies with all the logistics already in place can’t normally achieve this.

  • Murrellz

    Hi again guys,

    This is my Kickstarter which is on there now, I’m not sure you guys understand the amount of work that i have put into this before putting it on kickstarter. I have made SO much effort to try to get everything into place ready to go ASAP after the project has finished. Well as the sculpts are nearly done and the business is so small, I’m dealing with a lot of people who are located around my area… The sculptors have nearly finished original sculpts and the person doing the molding the producing is in the next city.

    I cant stress enough I’m not just someone trying to make a quick buck from the trend, i LOVE tabletop games and this is a passionate hobby of mine.

    I’m just trying to bring a fun game which is a bit different to the gaming industry, its great for kids and adults and although we have just been playing with blank bases for the last 6 months the different game types and battle sizes work out really well for a really fun game… or so i think anyway.

    Thanks for at least viewing the video though…


    • Gallahad

      A good way to show all of the work that you have done would be putting up a gameplay video that explains the core concepts of the game, or even better yet putting up a pdf of the rules, or showing off some actual complete casts. There are no weapons to be seen anywhere on the dinosaurs yet.

      I think the concept is cool, and I can tell you put some time into the layout of the KS page and into the intro video, but this just isn’t a project that has been developed far enough to ask people for their money.

      • Murrellz

        Thanks for the advice mate, my sculptor is going to attach the weapons for a few photos even though they will be separate when shipping and i have now added the rough word documents of the rules on there.

        Thanks again.

  • blkdymnd

    I, personally, want to know how you’ll ship in October, when you’re KS runs into October a bit. Then there’s normally a two week period before KS lets you do anything with the funds. That seems utterly impossible for a company with much more resources.

  • Murrellz

    yes, that was an oversight but it did say at the bottom, back end of november… 🙁