Digital version of Ravage 16 now available

Ravage US has posted issue 16 of their magazine up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.

Ravage 16


In this issue:

Cheerio Ravage Readers,
This issue of Ravage comes at you with an exciting new game, Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service. We take a look inside a steampunk and sorcery world where Queen Victoria of England rules all. This board game is to be just the first of a series of games around this IP. Get the inside scoop on this exciting, new setting. Of course, that’s not all. The legal issue of Magic vs. Hex is explained in detail, giving us all a bit of a crash course in copy write law. There’s also a bit of reminiscing about the convention season and Jen Haley helps you get ready to take your models to shows next year. There’s reviews, previews, and news abounding in this issue.

  • coffeemini

    Would anyone have an alternative download link? Facebook is not accessible in the country I live in. Thanks a lot!

  • aroberts

    There isn’t one that I can see. The facebook links are just announcements. The only download option I’m aware of is in iTunes newsstand. They don’t link directly to it, but it should be easy enough to find in newsstand on an ipad.

    • coffeemini

      Thanks for the info! Very appreciated.