Digital Version of Ogre Now Available

Auroch Digital has released the digital version of the Ogre tabletop miniatures game over on Steam.
… I should get a Steam account at some point… maybe…
Anyway, for those of you that actually have such an account, you can bring this classic game to your computer screens, sending your Fencers versus enemy G.E.V.s, or crushing infantry under the treads of your MkV (my personal favorite).

About the game:

Ogre is a turn-based strategy game of mechanized warfare, requiring tactical decision-making and strategic thinking. It’s the official video game adaptation of the Ogre tabletop wargame from Steve Jackson Games, developed by Auroch Digital.

Set in the near future, hovercraft, tanks, infantry, and giant cybernetic behemoths called Ogres take part in a seemingly endless world war. You take command and vie for supremacy upon the irradiated battlefields of The Last War.

Ogre’s time-tested gameplay has captivated gamers for over forty years. It remains as enticing as ever in the official video game adaptation. Explore the lengthy single player campaign (created for this digital edition by Steve Jackson Games), engage in fiendish single-player skirmishes, and get social with the online and local multiplayer modes. This lovingly crafted adaptation of the original, critically acclaimed tabletop game truly is the definitive digital edition.


  • Jeff Pfaffmann

    I think Ogre is great, and would love to play this game. However, I do not own a windows computer. Why do software companies only service a portion of the customer base, such as this game, which is a Windows only game. What is wrong with OSX or even linux? Is it that only Windows customers have money? Also, you can not tell me these are radically different machines. Those days are long past. It seems like laziness to me.

    • Ghool

      I could say the same things designed for iOS and not Android. The platform for Steam probably has a huge proportion of users that use Windows. So, the platform wins due to popularity.
      It’s the exact same thing for iOS vs. Android – the largest number of users have an iPhone, thus a majority of the software is designed for that platform only.

      Also, designing and programming a game for use on several different platforms costs more money. A lot of the studios developing games like this, with a small, niche audience, have very limited budgets. Expecting unlimited resources from such small companies is asking a lot.

      I understand it’s upsetting, but when resources like staff and money are in short supply, you go with what is going to net you the largest amount of the userbase.

      • Darkmantis

        “It’s the exact same thing for iOS vs. Android – the largest number of users have an iPhone”

        I am not sure where you have found that, but this has never been true in the past and is not likely to ever happen in the future. is just one of many sites reporting the Android VS iOS market share divide (looks like Android is currently ahead by a factor of about 6 to 1).

        • Ghool

          Well, regardless, complain about such and such an app not being available on all platforms, and you can understand why – limited money and resources for small, one and two man app developers. Ogre clearly does not need a huge team behind it, and thus all the resources were used to make a single platform game that works with their most profitable userbase.

    • Try Wine. There are lots of solutions on your end. Alternatively, you can wait and see if they release a version for your OS. It’s lame, I agree, that so much is Windows only, or only available on one platform.