Dice King Game Design launches Metal D12 Fudge Dice Kickstarter

Dice King Game Design has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of Fudge dice in a D12 configuration and made of metal.


From the campaign:

The idea is finally born. The first D12 Metal Fudge Dice to be introduced on Kickstarter. These aren’t your typical Fudge Dice that can be found online which are made from acrylic with 2(+), 2(-), and 2 blank sides. Yes we have all seen these basic six sided dice.

Double Fudge D12’s bring a new type of fun to the RPG gaming world. These modern style polyhedral dice have 4(+), 4(-), and 4 blank sides on each die. Taking your gaming experience to a whole new level. I

  • Riquende

    Well I checked out the project page, and still can’t see the point of this.

    “These aren’t your typical Fudge Dice…” they just do the exact same job.

    “Double Fudge D12’s bring a new type of fun to the RPG gaming world…” the fun of rolling a d12 as opposed to a d6 I guess. ‘New type’ of fun? Really?

    “What if someone took a D12 and merged it with the Fudge Dice format, how cool would that be?” Rhetorical question I guess.

    I guess at this point the only thing left to say is that they’ve managed to pack a lot of fudge into those dice…

    • Major_Gilbear

      There must be a lot of money in Fudge Dice judging by how frequently these KS roll round….

      Getting past the stupid marketing-waffle though (urgh), D12s do roll a bit better than D6s. And, um, that’s about it.

      Personally though, I’m holding out for the D30 Fudge Dice KS (guaranteeing a 500% increase in rolling fun!). ;0)