DGS Games Releases New Living Rulebook for Freeblades

When a company puts out a rulebook, it’s almost inevitable that things will be changed or added to at some point. In the case of Freeblades, they’ve got the rulebook, but they’ve also got the Companion. You could get both, or you could get the new Living Rulebook which combines both into a single handy PDF.

From the announcement:

DGS Games has just released its all new Freeblades Living Rulebook. This new rulebook combines the Freeblades Core Rulebook and the Freeblades Companion into one easy-to-use PDF that can be downloaded right onto the device of your choice.

The Freeblades Living Rulebook Contains all of the following:
Core Rules
A master list of talents and skills.
Talent advancement tables.
Weapons and Items.
All published Freeblades scenarios.
Faction and spell lists for all the factions added to the game.
Rulebook Index.

Our Newest Freeblades Faction is the Demons of Karelon, a group of Demons from the Spirit World that seek to carve a Kingdom out of the lands of Faelon. The Starter Set contains six figures that allow you to start your collection of Demons and take over Faelon! The Starter Set also contains 3 brand new figures from our 2017 Kickstarter: The Azalakar, The Borgat, and The Skrot!