DGS Games previews new Kuzaarik Forgers art

DGS Games is showing off some new artwork for their Kuzaarik Forgers Kickstarter campaign.
They’ve made it to half-funded already, go check them out.



From the update:

Ok, you guys are so awesome, and since we’re out the gates so strong, I feel confident we’ll hit stretch goals.

So how about getting a look at our 1st Stretch Goal? Backers that pledged $75+ will get one for free. Anyone can add one (or more) to their Rewards by increasing their pledge by $6 for each one that want to add.

Wayblocker – Mostly comprised of younger Kuzaarik fulfilling their mandatory military service requirement, the Wayblocker formations are the heart of the Kuzaarik military force. The weapons and armor issued to the young warriors are theirs for life. They must be maintained and returned to the State by the family upon the death of the warrior. Agents of the PDC keep a close eye on these formations both in peace and during times of war. Determinations made by the PDC Monitors can affect a young Kuzaarik for the rest of their lives.