Devil Pig Games posts gameplay video and rules pdf for Heroes of Normandie

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 20th, 2013

Devil Pig Games shows off more of their Heroes of Normandie game with a gameplay video as well as a rules pdf download.

From the update:

Now we have a gameplay video and demo download PDF for print and play.

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  • blkdymnd

    Man they lost me about a minute into that video. Way too scatterbrained and the game looks just too fiddely to buy into.

  • SGTclem

    I don’t know what Fiddely means, but i’m sure you’re wrong 😉

    • marcus

      Ok we Know blkdymnd is not buying the game.

  • pancake ss

    i like the look of this but boy that vid does nothing to help sell the game.
    maybe a closer look at a part of the game and not a rushed pile of plonk.
    Everything was looking great then you guys ruined it with this vid.

  • omphalos

    The video just gives a very (very) quick overview of the basics of the game mechanics.
    Off course, you have to go deeper to see the strategy in it.

    Don’t forget to read and even try the downloadable demo. It gives you a slightly deeper view (and it’s still only a little part of the all).

    Normally, it was said that other videos will be done on very specific topics. Like a video blog. I’m sure you will then have a more complete point of view on the game.