Devil Pig Games Announces Heroes of Black Reach

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
May 25th, 2017

The new edition of 40k isn’t the only thing going on with that particular universe. Devil Pig Games is taking their game system used for Heroes of Normandie and sending it into the far future and far from Earth. Heroes of Black Reach will be a new game set in the grimdark future where there is only war.

From the announcement:

On June 19, prepare for war! The Heroes System Tactical Scale expands beyond the Norman bocages to the very stars into the universe of Warhammer 40,000 ® !

On the world-hive of Black Reach, an Ork Waaagh! breaks, jeopardizing this sector of the galaxy!

You will soon be able to help the Ultramarines in their merciless fight against the Warlord Zanzag and relive the grim adventures of Captain Cato Sicarius and Sergeant Scout Marines Torias Telion!


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  • Davos Seaworth

    A strange partnership. Heroes Of Normandie was riddled with errata, and even the 2nd edition ‘corrected’ stuff had more errata, along with terrible rulebooks (possibly due to translation snafus, since the Devil Pig fellows are French.)

    • Axel-Devil Pig Games

      Our last products in HoN/SoN universe suffers no error 😉 About the rulebook, don’t forget it was translated by english/american people, not by us!


  • Kaleb Eubank

    I’m looking forward to it. I love the other games in the system!

  • Looking forward to it. Only complaint, Ultramarines vs Orks? Again? Setting couldn’t be something else than Black Reach?

    • DB

      In the grimdark future, there is only an overabundance of bloody Ultramarines.

      It’s kinda hard not to get sick of them when they keep coming up again and again.