Desperation: 2196 Mech Game Up On Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 2nd, 2015

I love mechs. There’s just something about giant walking robots that I enjoy. I played the hell out of Mechwarrior 2 and 3 on my computer back in the day. I used to collect Gundam models (still have some of them). There was even a time that my friends and I were working on a game that used our Gundam models. That game never panned out, but it would seem that we weren’t the only ones thinking about doing such, as Desperation: 2196 seems to be something along the lines of what we were working on. (Note: We were just messing around with some rules about 17 years ago, I’m not trying to imply any sort of “idea stealing” or anything like that at all)

Players must construct their highly-customizable mechs and then pit them against one-another in combat. The figures are rather large, which helps with said customization, as you can actually just change out the pieces you want. And while the rules are set up for basically 1-on-1 combat, there will be extra rules for players running multiple MOCUs (the name for the Mechs in the game), as well as team play.

The campaign is set to run for another 58 days. So yeah, there’s some time to get in on this one.


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  • jeff fearnow


    okay, maybe you said they didn’t. Now is there anyway to transfer this into using my LEGIONS of Heavy Gear minis?

    Probably not. But I can dream.

    • Emery Calame

      Heavy Gear Blitz minis are 1:144 so they should match 1:144 gundam models and similar stuff like Frame Arms. And you can fake with 1:72( approx 15mm) stuff or even 1:48 ( approx 28mm) if there aren’t hatches or steps or rails that give away the true scale.

    • I personally don’t own any heavy gear minis myself but I purposely made the game where the only important thing is the base. The original idea was to use 1/144th scale Bandai models or the frame arm kits but it evolved into making my own models and here we are.
      As the designer of this game, if your opponent doesn’t care if you use them then you can believe that I sure don’t care!

      • jeff fearnow

        hey there! It isn’t so much that proxying is involved – my main lament is just the ‘i have all these minis and nobody plays the older cough*better*cough version of the rules that _I_ do…could this be a way to put ten’s of minis back into use?l

        by the fact that it looks mech-v-mech then likely not. And that’s fine, it just doesn’t fit my need at the moment.

        • Well I could try and sell you the game, but not really what you’re looking for. with the rules here you could build a force that consists of 3 weaker mechs and the game is made to support a whole load of players on 1 table (I’ve done 3v3 before). But yes, this was designed to be 1 mech per person on a general level. Have you read through the reaper CAV rules (not to sell a game that isn’t mine lol)? I know quite a few people at least at my LGS that play and it is also a very well rounded game.

          • jeff fearnow

            You are a gentleman to suggest it in the context of the conversation at hand – I have not but I will on your advice.

            Best of luck with your KS!

          • I try to do what I can! I love tabletop and boardgames at a whole and I have no shame in admitting that my game is not a fit for you and I refuse to lie and sell you something you don’t want!
            Thank you very much for the wishes and checking it out anyways!

  • CaulynDarr

    My Gundam rules were the greatest d12 based rules system ever created. 😉

    • *blinks*
      … Greg? Izzat you?
      (note: the Gundam rules we messed around with way back in the day used D12s)

      • CaulynDarr

        Yep, it is I

        • Well gee…

          Also, that 2d12 system was horrendous. 😛

          • I’m in the same boat as you guys. When I was in 8th grade a few of my buddies and myself made up some cheap little game using gundam models and that’s where my thoughts came from! you are not alone!

          • Drew Olds

            Well it does need to compete with other d12 systems…

            yeah, there’s…

            you know, that one…

            um Advanced Space Crusade? I think that’s as complete a list as I know.

  • Hey Guys! I’m Ryan, the creator of this game, and just wanted to say a huge thank you for commenting on this! I sent an email off to TGN last night/yesterday afternoon and didn’t expect it this quick! If you have any questions about the game then please let me know! You can also follow progress at