Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition announced

By tgn_admin
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Aug 6th, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new version of the Descent: Journeys in the Dark boardgame.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition box

From their website:

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition! This updated version of the classic board game of dungeon-delving adventure features a host of enhancements, including new heroes and monsters, streamlined rules, a class-based hero system, campaign play, and much more.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition features eight never-before-seen heroes, ready to face off against nearly forty all-new monsters in nine distinct types. And with Second Edition’s enhanced experience system, you’ll have total control over your character’s growth and development. As you gain more experience throughout the included campaign, you’ll be able to periodically spend it on additional skills, adding to your hero’s available abilities. This, along with an innovative character selection system, lets you experience the dangers of Terrinoth like never before.

  • Veritas

    I like that they’re going with a smaller box. The old Descent main box is a serious space hog.

    • PanzerKraken

      Liked it big, as I got the expansion contents all in the old big box. Course I know lot of folks don’t want to toss out their boxes, but it takes lot less space for me than having all the expansions in their own box.

  • Myrthe

    I hope there is something in the new rules that allows me to use / tweak all the sets I have from the First Edition.

    • Myrthe

      Good old Fantasy Flight Games …

      “Want to transfer your favorite heroes and monsters from your existing Descent collection? The Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Conversion Kit includes everything you need. With Second Edition-compatible cards for every monster and hero ever produced (including promotional heroes!), this convenient conversion kit is an indispensable tool. So whether you want to bring your extensive Descent collection with you on new adventures, or you’ve got a favorite hero that you choose every time, we’ve got you covered.”

  • Zac

    How does this game play with two players?

    • Myrthe

      I’ve only played with as little as 3 players; I Overlord (Monsters) and 2 Players. Each player ran 2 characters to round out the party and that seemed fine but we’re fairly experienced gamers. I think a single person running say, 4 characters, would get bogged down regaardless of their experience.

      That being said, there might be some rules to scale the game back a bit but I didn’t need to look for them given our group size.

      Great game, though, and the Second Edition enhancements sound fantastic … especially the streamlining since it means we should be eble to get more games in without having to set aside a hard-to-find half a day.

    • Ghool

      It’s most definitely NOT a 2 player game.To get the best experience from the game, it needs 4 or 5 players.

  • TylerT

    i have played with two before, basically one hero player playing a few heros and one dungeon player. works fine but this new edition it may work better or worse.

  • Gannon

    I played a one on one game. It’s definitely a lot more fun with 3+ people though.

    I’ll be picking this up along with the conversion set. Good on FFG for not just re-hashing out the old box with new rules. This will give those of us with the 1st edition box more options in the future!

  • grimbergen

    Is there any info on whether this will contain the same # of figures/miniatures as the original?

    • Sevej

      It contains fewer figures, fewer tiles, fewer dice, fewer tokens but more cards.