Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs releases their Wyvern APC

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs has released their new Wyvern APC over in their webstore.

From the release:

The Wyvern APC will quickly deliver your troops to where you need them on the battle field. The model has a Gothic inspired style mixed with the American M113 appearance. The model can be assembled so the view port can be on either side and with or without upper gun copulas. The model may be assembled so the side doors and rear ramp can open and close. Spotlight included.

  • 4tonmantis

    For $32 this is horrible. Their buildings are priced in a range that makes a lot of sense, but this is just so close to plastics from other companies that it really does not make sense.

  • Why would you spend $32 on the Rhino’s ugly cousin?

    • Soulfinger

      Sure it’s ugly, and my friends laugh at both it and me for buying it, but I saved $5!!! Now I have something to transport my Dora the Explorer Imperial Guardsman proxy models in.

  • lordofexcess

    You can get the full Rhino chassis for 18 bucks at the warstore and many retailers offer GW Rhinos and Immolators at 25% of GWs retail prices … for example the Immolator is 27.94 at many retailers with free shipping in the US. Why someone would buy this poor proxy model is beyond me. I own a few buildings from these guys and they are of ok quality, even there though I vastly prefer Gamecraft miniatures ( on price and quality.

  • cama


  • I don’t know guys… its kind of cute.

  • OttucsakJ

    Metal bawkses.

  • Speechless…

  • blackfang

    This is certainly one of the stupidest offerings I’ve ever seen in the hobby industry. Congrats, you’ve just spend $32.25 on something that looks like it was made out of cardboard, bottle caps and old pen casings.

    Meanwhile in Poland, for a buck less…

    • Soulfinger

      I dunno. My cardboard and bottle cap rhino ran over $600 in materials. Then again, I used Mont Blanc pen casings for the axles.As lordofexcess pointed out, there’s no real reason to get the Polish proxy either when you can score the real thing discounted to just under $30.

      • blackfang

        The Polish one isn’t a proxy, it’s an alternative model. Like Forgeworld pre-heresy Marines, for example.

        • Soulfinger

          I understand your point, and a FW Mk. 2 marine in place of a Mk. 6 beakie would indeed be using an alternative model, as both employ the same stat-line and are issued by the same company.

          However, Games Workshop does not produce rules or make allowances for the “Bison APC” produced by Bitspudlo. Substituting that model for a Rhino APC would by definition be using it as a proxy. Really, it’s just semantics and only relevant when wanting to use a model at a GW store or tournament.

        • Ghost