Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs posts WIP HQ Building

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 11th, 2012

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs has posted the work-in-progress for their HQ Building.

From their post:

On our workbench we are tinkering with a Fire Station/Supernatural Eliminators HQ building. We are still working on the doors and hinges but this is what we have so far.

  • I like this “firehouse” a lot. Looks great.

  • leonmallett

    I like that a lot. 🙂

  • We are having a poll on Facebook about whether this model having a fire pole is a deal breaker or not. Please respond here or on FB. We are big proponents of Social Media so please take advantage of it with us! When you ask us for stuff you never have to worry. The worst thing that could ever happen is we say no. No ideas are dumb, only silence is.