Demigods Rising make it through more stretch goals

Demigods Rising has crossed the $70k mark, meaning they’re 2x funded over on Kickstarter. Check out the latest unlocks.



From the update:

With 70k reached, our backers have managed to unlock Neras the Guardian into the world of Argalla. Once one of the personal guards of the Dwarven king, he now stands ready to take an oath and fight for one of the Demigods! Next stop, 85k which will bring you the Trapper!

This newest addition upped the total number of miniatures per box to 51!
But that’s not all. Poleena made a bit of a slip-up during a fertility ritual and some fairy dust made a contact with the fire. And then a series of events took place. Spark emerged, separated from a main flame. Druid, feeling a bit playful, tried to extinguish it with a simple ice spell, but instead of extinguishing it, it formed a whirling tear of fire and ice. Lunin, the High Elder, recognized the potential of life and helped in forming a body around this new entity. That’s how Glacignis was made…

When we reach a 100k goal, there will be a major boost of every game box! Each one will be pumped up with 2 Ice and 2 Fire versions of Glacingis. When choosing her in the game, you must specify what form you will be using and her skills will change based on that.