Demigods Rising game play video posted

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Aug 4th, 2014

Demigods Rising lets you see how their game works via their game play video.


From the post:

After they have drawn us in with a beautiful art and a stunning minis, guys from Demigods Rising are ready to show us what is the core of their game.
They have teamed up with Jogando Offline to make a gameplay video that will show what this their game is really about.

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  • blkdymnd

    This group that does the gameplay videos (pretty sure they did Arcadia Quest also) completely turn me off to any games they’re playing. Just show the game and how it’s played, but they end up over the top obnoxious, and I just stop watching. I’m not saying my player groups don’t get over the top obnoxious at times, but it’s not needed in a gameplay video. Just give me a good tutorial and keep it short.

  • thetang22

    I agree blkdymnd – it’s an annoying way to introduce a game, and felt the same way about the Arcadia Quest gameplay videos. I think the marketing people say to themselves “I want all the potential backers to get a sense of how fun this game can be….so lets show a video that puts more emphasis on people having fun than showing the viewers what the gameplay actually is like.