Defiance Games USMC Production Video

Defiance Games posts up a video of their first production run at the press.

From their site:

A little video of the very first PRODUCTION shots coming off the injection press for the USMC – check it out

  • I’ve come to really dislike those helmets.. strangely more than I dislike Cadian helmets..
    Does anyone know if there are enough alternate heads on the frame to build non-helmeted?

  • Jeremy

    No, but there’s an extra set of dynamic legs and a dynamic backpack.

  • mweaver


  • Solbo

    U actually get 6 heads per sprue; 2 with helmets not covering the face, two helmets covering the entire face and 2 heads without helmets (one has a cap). Its looks lika a really good set, but i dont know why you only get 2 torsos when you get 3 legs, 6 heads and guns for 4?

    • Sevej

      Limiting the number of figures in the box and adding variety. GW does the same, but they limit using legs (at least for space marines).

  • ‘i dont know why you only get 2 torsos when you get 3 legs, 6 heads and guns for 4?’

    Pure guesswork, but I’m going to say for variety. Mantic got a load of stick for their Dwarf sprue, which had two bodies and only two heads. Since it was the basis for most of their expansion, virtually the entire army would end up with those two heads.

    Having three sets of legs, a backpack and lots of different arm combinations allows for greater variety in the individuals – much like GW’s Death Company sprue, for example, which gives you loads of stuff left over.

    Normally, I’d have preferred to see a third torso on such a sprue, but considering the price point and number of models you get (more than twice that of a comparably priced GW sprue), it’s quite nice to have the variety – and the way the heads are laid out, you even have uniform options to the army, should you so wish (since there are two helmeted heads and two helmeted and masked heads).

    Hopefully Defiance will build on this basic set, and their female and heavy weapon USMC sets will be able to use the arms and heads from this set, as well as introducing more options.

    • Apologist has hit the nail on the head.

      I think a lot of us have been brought up with the idea that you get X # of parts to make Y # of figures – and generally that means that if there are separate torsos/legs you get the exact # you need.

      I never liked that approach because there is room sometimes to have a set of legs that might be great for the set – but you don’t want to use that set in direct proportion to all the rest. i.e. if you have a kneeling set of legs on a frame and you have 3 legs altogether – 1/3 of your army will be kneeling.

      Instead, what we did is give an extra leg option – so you can mix the ratio for the look you want. If we had, say, replaced the backpack with another torso – we would have then had to add 2 more helmet heads (one closed, one open) and another standard rifle arm (or you won’t get the uniform force that Apologist mentions).

      In our game – Combat: Alien War which is set in 2260 – a standard Marine infantry squad is made up of 3 fireteams – much like today’s Marine squad. So we had to have the right mix and for those not playing Alien War – you had to be able to have EVERY figure of the 24 have a closed helmet head, etc.

      Frame layout is a tricky thing – there is a lot of give and take based on the size of the frame. And if you are getting 12 in a box – some of those parts (think a standard or a drum) – will be duplicated 12 times. At least with legs you can easily get some aftermarket torsos and get some use out of them. Or dare I say they become “scenery” for your future Bug lair? Or – we may just have some additional parts that will be compatible for you down the road.

      Thanks guys – we’re so happy to be actually in production finally. We’re working hard to get everything wrapped up and shipped. – Tony Reidy

      • Jeremy

        But that makes no sense. None of the legs are kneeling, or even drastically different from one another. Even if they were, you could replace the backpack with a torso and still have ONE sprue. One sprue would cost as much as another, regardless of number of models on it. You could have given your customers 50% more minis at the same price. Then if they really hated one set of legs, or one of the heads, they could CHOOSE to build only two models per sprue. Or they could use the different heads to make different units. And everyone else would get half again as many models. Since the torsos are identical, and they were designed digitally, you don’t even have to pay a sculptor for the extra work. Just cut and paste.

        Spin it all you want, it isn’t more variety.

        • Gallahad

          From a statistical standpoint, an additional identical torso would not add any variation to the set, it would just let you build more miniatures. A backpack actually does add variation to the part combinations possible across the set. Same thing goes for the third pair of legs.

          In the end, it is a balancing act. You are clearly unhappy there are not more miniatures in the box. I am happy there are backpacks and I have an extra set of legs to add variety to the miniatures. To each their own.

          (As a side note, smaller scale gaming systems have much higher miniatures per box content, you might look into 6mm, etc. if that is your thing)

          • Jeremy

            But with an extra torso, you could have all the variety of three legs, and more miniature at the same price. I’m sure you could even squeeze the backpack in too.

            I’m not saying that only more miniatures is better. I’m saying that trying to spin a poor mould design by calling it more variety is pretty sad. Either way you end up with the ‘variety’ of three different leg styles under identical torsos. Only my way, you get 50% more models for your money.

            This way, you could pay for extra torsos, arms, head, and guns from someone else to make use of those legs. My way, you would just have to buy some backpacks for all that variety. Defiance could even have some backpacks and other kit made up traditionally in metal as a cheap way to add variety AND profit.

            So to return your sentiment:
            You are clearly satisfied to sacrifice value for enough backpacks for half your squad. I am happy to point out that the only variety given is said backpack, and that is a poor exchange by my estimation. I hear GW is selling models for unreasonable prices, with optional backpacks, if that’s your thing.

          • Hi Jeremy – I think you’re missing the point of frame layout and part options. if you go back up and read what Apologist wrote – it might be helpful to understand how this works.

          • Jeremy

            I’m not misunderstanding anything. I disagree with you. That doesn’t mean I’m missing a point. Go back and read what I said, especially concerning casting backpacks and other kit traditionally, and maybe you can improve the next set. I’m not the only one out there that thinks the layout is a mess. I’m glad you finally got something produced, and I wish you luck. If you can take some constructive criticism, future products might benefit.

          • Gallahad

            I respect your sentiment about value, and your frustration with what you see as a wasted opportunity. If you want to give constructive criticism in the future, try making the tone a bit friendlier. Medicine is easier to swallow if it isn’t bitter. (Check out the constructive feedback thread on the DFG site if you want to continue to weigh in on this issue)

            A third torso would not allow you to make any unique part combinations that you can’t make with the current layout. A backpack does. This is the definition of variety. A third torso would only allow you to make more of the same part combinations.

            Mold cost depends a lot on the number of cavities in the mold, this is why you see Mantic putting out absolute bare bones sprues with almost no variety. DFG thought that 24 marines with more variety was better than 36 with less.

            I understand that you would have been a lot happier getting more marines for your money, and that is a valid concern. Personally, I still think that $1.25 per miniature at full retail with lots of variety is a good deal, particularly when compared to $2.9 per miniature for GW Cadians. I even get optional backpacks 😉

    • AoM

      “…and their female and heavy weapon USMC sets will be able to use the arms and heads from this set, as well as introducing more options.”

      Everything is going to be the same scale for the humans of any faction, and the joints between parts should be the same across all the sets. Defiance Games has said that they want all of the parts to be interchangeable so you can go crazy and mix and match to your heart’s content. If you want to make a rag-tag bunch of pirates/rebels who have some armor and weapons from lots of different places, you’ll be able to do so with ease.

  • Werewolf8

    That was so cool. It’s like the mold maker McDonalds uses to form their mystery stuff into hamburgers, shakes, and the change they give you. I am sooo ready for my marines!

  • n815e

    Wasted opportunity to make a great set of models.

    • AoM

      Care to elaborate?

      I’ve got a frame of these sitting on my painting desk at home, and I think they’re one of the nicest plastic sets I’ve come across. The details are really crisp, and the anatomically correct proportions are a breath of fresh air compared to the usual GW Cadian fare. These translated perfectly from the first 3D prints (for the sake of discretion, I painted 2 of those, too). You really don’t notice the scale and details until you have these in your hands. The barrels of the rifles are about the thickness of a standard jumbo paperclip. The faces are as good as most of those from Corvus Belli, especially seeing as they are the same scale instead of the wildly inconsistent and oversized “heroic scale”

      I don’t see what opportunity was wasted here. This is also the very first set getting released, and the Bugs and German Panzergrenadiers should be hot on their heels.

      My only real wish for the set was a second carbine, and Tony has known that from the start. Most people wouldn’t use them, so not including a second makes sense. Luckily, I’ve got friends who are willing to trade me their carbine arms.

  • jackgaudette

    AoM… How did you get a sprue. Tony once again nice job. Cant wait for my preorder!