Defiance Games talks about loose guns

Defiance Games talks about their loose guns and asks a few questions to the community.

From their post:

A quick follow up on loose weapons – based on the responses here and through email that they’re a “must have” product. Two more questions for you:
1. For something like the Germans – where you have the standard G-54, G-54 with underslung GL, G-54 carbine, and the SSW – do you want a mix or want all of the same in a blister?
2. Is 10 a good # for a blister?
Thanks again!

  • Niceyard

    The gun is very nice. Regarding the more skirmish oriented tabletop world of the ast years I think a mixed set of 10 is better than sets of identical weapons.

  • Dragonstriker

    Do you think it might be possible to actually link to the announcements mentioned in news items rather than the homepage in future?
    This is one of the things that is reducing TGNs utility since the CMON takeover.

    • TGN Ross

      It links to the home page, and to their facebook announcement through the image. There have been people asking for both ways, so that is the way that we have been doing it. I think it works out pretty well that way too. But we want to make sure that TGN works for the community.


  • The actual discussion is on Facebook – that may be why it’s linked as it is.

    Anyway – we’ve heard a LOT of feedback that people want our guns (no, not that kind) as separate pieces. So we are – of course – very willing to accommodate the community! – so let us know how you want them! Just post here if it’s easier!


  • timlillig

    I’m much more likely to buy them as a mix.

    • What ratio? I f there are 4 unique weapons – how does this work?

      6 standard G-54 assault rifles
      2 G-54s with underslung grenade launchers
      1 G-54 carbine
      1 G-54 squad support weapon

      • Monkey

        I would think that would be a pretty good mix, at least for me.

      • Darsc Zacal

        I would take it down to 4 of the assault rifle and 2 each for the others.

      • Sevej

        Sorry didn’t follow previous discussions. Is this as an addition to figures that already have their own weapons, or the figures are sold weaponless?

        If it’s an addition, I’d go with 4-2-2-2.

        But if the figures are sold weaponless, I’d go with 6-2-1-1

        • Sevej

          But if you want people buy them for completely different range (the figures are, by default, not armed with any of the weapon included in the blister), I’d go with 6-2-1-1.

  • n815e

    Be nice to see you produce a single model first.

    • Yes – we’re looking forward to releasing the sets too. This just came up and we thought we’d ask.