Defiance Games taking pre-orders for their Germans line

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 27th, 2012

Defiance Games has started taking pre-orders for their Panzergrenadiers Germans over on their website. Be the first gamer on your block with these models when they release next month.

From the update:

Germany is a major Force in the Alien War universe. German troops are stationed throughout German territory to protect far-flung colony worlds and project German policy in human space.

At the sharp end of the spear, the Panzergrenadiers are Germany’s quick-reaction force with the most advanced weaponry and tactics of the modern Bundeswehr. 8-man squads form the backbone of any German military operation combining a potent mix of maneuverability and hard-hitting weaponry.

The first set in the German Force – German Panzergrenadier Infantry – will be available in September 2012 to be followed by: Scouts, Heavy Weapons, and Kampfläufer!

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  • Received my Bugs on Saturday – love them! Received 2 free Germans with my Bugs and they’re fantastic!!

    Just ordered a box of Marines and a pre-order for Germans. Hooyah!

  • EasyEight

    Still waiting to get my “Gunny” figure from my pre-order of the Marines box…any chance someone from Defiance can contact me and SEND it to me??

    • It’s my understanding, via their website, that Gunny has been delayed for retooling and will ship when he’s ready. I too am expecting one.

      • EasyEight

        Ok, hoping to get it then…

        • AoM

          I’ve got an early one. He’s a cool model, but a retooled mold would be nice. The stock of the rifle was a little twisted because of the way the wrist/arm was set. It wasn’t too much trouble to fix, but it did require a few minutes of work.

          Overall, the new plastic is great. Expect some painted Germans soon.

  • mweaver

    They look nice. Going to preorder some.