Defiance Games previews new alien Art

Defiance Games posts a preview of new Alien Art, and an insert from their fiction.

From their preview:

Our resident “Indian Scout” D.B. Bromley (aka DarthBrom) gives us a taste for what a Sequoia scout might encounter while patrolling the swamp jungles of Aleutia…

  • Oh, I like these!!!

  • Hi Guys – these are in tooling now – no release date yet, but hopefully March along with a couple other things. To give you an idea of size – they stand about 23mm tall. These are the drones (worker/fighters) of Hudson’s Bugs – a Core Force in our Combat: Alien War game. The second release for the Bugs will be Warriors/Nannies (who are the big boys and girls)

    • Tommygun

      Very nice looking.
      Any idea when the Marines will be released?

    • n815e

      At which point can we expect to see any miniatures produced from you, at all?

      Why are miniatures that you haven’t produced listed as In Stock on your webstore?

      Why have you been charging “customers” for preorders that you cannot deliver on?

      Don’t you get tired of having to constantly make excuses as to why you aren’t providing paying customers the products that you claim are in stock but haven’t yet produced?

    • OttucsakJ

      In tooling? Like the marines, right?

  • Space Ghost

    I’ll be more excited when the first release (Marines) make an appearance.

  • Hi Guys – we posted a note from the toolmaker who is doing the marines last week – you can check it out here:
    Like you, we’ve been VERY disappointed in the missed dates. We had every assurance in late November that the Marine tool would be done right before Christmas (which is why we put a January 16th release date – we gave 3 weeks additional time to pack boxes and ship) – unfortunately the project was more complex than they had planned and they wanted to go back and ensure the detail levels were excellent. We now have a date of March 5th (per his letter) for the Marine frames to be ready. We’ll keep everyone posted.

    In the meantime, we’ve gone forward with other tooling on the Bugs and soon on the Germans and another set. These 3D prints were used to check sizing/fit of parts and now the new toolmaker is starting in. I’m not going to give any dates yet until the plastic is completely finished…but we’ll keep you up to date as it progresses.

    Our hope is that based on the estimates from the new moldmaker – we can catch up on these and all the other releases we have planned so that the Alien War range gets fleshed out very quickly. Stay tuned!

    Thanks again,