Defiance Games previews German Panzergrenadiers

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 10th, 2012

Defiance Games posts a preview of their new infantry model the German Panzergrenadiers.

From their preview:

As promised! A preview of the German Panzergrenadiers!

  • Wow! Now that’s a lot of nice detail work! Kudos!

  • jackgaudette

    Tim has the skills. Go Defiance!

  • love the weapon.. the figure has lots of nice details too.. on the negative side.. drilling that barrel would be a pita..

  • Looks okay…a bit soft in places.

    So when are we going to see a plastic sprue of miniatures rather than renders and rapid prototypes then?

  • Dewbakuk

    Needs more of a cut under the helmet to give some distinction between the facemask and the helm.

  • StygianBeach

    Not so keen on these guys. Which is a shame because I love the American models. The gun is great, but the helmet looks like a bad haircut, pants look like they are pulled up too high as well.

    I hope the Russians and Chinese are more to my tastes, as I am keen on some Space Communists.