Defiance Games Marines almost ready to go!

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 23rd, 2012

Defiance Games has the nearly-final sprues for their marines ready to go. Oohrah!

From the update:

We’re VERY excited and relieved to have received the following pictures from the toolmaker today. The 3rd round of mold tweaks and test shots has gone extremely well and the USMC mold is 99.9% ready to go. There are two last bit tweaks needed, but as you can see – the Marines are about to hit the beaches!

We will update everyone next week on when to expect these guys in your mailboxes and at your Friendly Local Game Shop! Thanks again for your patience through all the trials and tribulations! (Also next week we’ll reveal the little “thank you” bonus plastic figure that every pre-order will receive!)

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  • jonbowen234

    So the tiny picture in facebook made me click on this because I thought some was releasing a really cool urban building. Of course I guess I could buy a bunch of marines and use the sprues to make a building 🙂

    • cama

      True story – I thought it was a cool piece of terrain or building too.

      I don’t need sci-fi marines.

  • Soulfinger

    Man, that would be one messed up building with all of the body parts worked into it. I’d kind of like to see you do it.

  • Jase Scott

    how funny, i thought the same thing, hoping i was going to see a really cool future building.

  • Note to self.. release a really cool sci-fi building kit and make money off of these 4.. bwahahaha

    • Borzag

      These FIVE 😉

  • cama

    Do it mantis, do it! 🙂

  • Gallahad

    I’m really excited for these.

  • supervike

    These are long overdue, you’d think the intrawebs would be blowing up in response to that…