DeepWars is in its final day on Kickstarter!

DeepWars is in their last day on KickStarter and they’ve put up some more goals they hope to reach!

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The Kickstarter run is only a few hours from completion and has been an amazing success. We have achieved all of the stretch goals so far, so two more bonus goals will be added for the last few hours. Thanks again to all those who have pledged their support for DeepWars.

Stretch Goal 5: $15000
Reward: This funding level covers website development and new music to be played during games. This was always something we wanted to have but could not get the time or funds to complete. Each supporter from $25 up to $100 gets to download the new music tracks (the goal is to have 40-60 minutes of music). Supporters from $175 and up get the music and a space on the website Hall of Generals where they can show their warband and/or have a story section describing their warband’s exploits.

Stretch Goal 6: $18000
Reward: This will help develop heroes and and mounted characters for each force, cast in resin and metal. It will be a challenge to work these into the schedule but I think we can do it. There would be one miniature kit made per force, and supporters from $75 and up get their choice of one of the new miniatures. Supporters from $175 get two. Supporters from $500 and up get all four. This reward does not include shipping and may be ready by early 2013, or could be ready sooner. Shipping will be an extra $5 for USA and Canada and $10 international.

  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the two stretch goals reversed? IMHO it would be more logical to first use funds to create a sell-able item and then to add neat atmosphere like music downloads.

  • keltheos

    I don’t know about that, since it’s not my game company, but I do know that there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in the news item title…

  • AntiMatter

    I’m pretty sure that was not the headline that I sent in.

    • At least your news items got published.. I sent in 3 things this morning that are all newsworthy and haven’t seen any of them.

      • Polar_Bear

        Hey there. I’m one of the TGN news posters here. What posts have you been sending in that haven’t been reported? It’s very rare that an article gets rejected for publication. Sometimes I get reports from several people, and I’ll choose which of the group to quote, but overall, 99% of what gets reported gets posted up.
        One thing is make sure you’re submitting to That comes straight to me so I can set it up on the website.
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  • AntiMatter

    Not like it is an issue. I am very appreciative of TGN for their news feed.

  • Piston Honda

    Hope the company “hits a home run” with this. Very least get the product out. I would hate to be one of those people donating and not see a physical product.

    The theme is rather refreshing. As a bit of a Ocean lover can’t help but love it. ShadowSea has always interest me, I bought the rule book for the art alone.

    Shame the game was a flop, then again it never really got any coverage other than the awesome terrain they made.

    • AntiMatter

      Failure is not really an option here. There is too much riding on the game now, since it opens the door for the second edition of ShadowSea also, but only when DeepWars is complete. There will be weekly updates to the Kickstarter page so folks can keep track of the progress.

      Thanks for the compliment on the ShadowSea art. The funding of DeepWars means lots of new color art for the book and the websites.

      • Piston Honda

        Cool! communication from game designers. Always cool to have but seems to be only from small game companies such as your self or spartan games for example. I understand why, but always cool to have fan interaction.

        Do you believe your game is destined to be a small “cult following game” because of the theme.

        Seems like anything that goes too far out from your traditional fantasy or scifi is destined to be “small market”.

        I’ve been a steampunk fan for years, and in the past couple of years I have seen an explosion of steampunk related things particularly in the table top gaming world. I once thought steampunk was destined to be small.

        A very unique fantasy setting you have. Though it is not my favorite flavor of fantasy (then again this is all new) it is refreshing to see someone come up with something other than Orcs, Dwarves and elves.

        I also have to comment on how you just hypnotized me with your site, ShadowSea. Everything about it draws you in. The music drags you into the theme like a movie does, the art work is some of the best, colors, textures and interaction.

        Hope to see your game mentioned along side of Infinity, Warmachine, and Malifaux someday.

        by the way, when you release ShadowSea 2.0 will you be re-sculpting your current miniatures line?

        • AntiMatter

          I did not go into this expecting anything, just hoping to get some money to fund miniature production. It just exploded, so that tells me that DeepWars can grow in the future and folk like the ideas.

          Glad you liked the ShadowSea site. There is a new one almost done that is going to use HTML5 instead of flash and have much more content. The DeepWars site will go along with it, separate but integrated, if that makes sense, so people can explore above and below the surface.

          When ShadowSea 2.0 comes, there will be new miniatures, plus updated rules and new art.

  • skullking

    Woot! Glad it hit 18K was hoping to see some of these mounted characters.

  • Congratulations! This is truly an inspiring story. All the best to AntiMatter and I look forward to the future releases.