DeepWars in the final days on KickStarter!

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 10th, 2012

DeepWars is just a few days from ending on KickStarter and has more to go! To entice you to help out, here’s a new green for the game.

From the webpage:

DeepWars is on the home stretch with only 3 days left. We already added a new force to the rewards, the Scaly Horde, and are closing in on the $12.5K stretch goal. That would allow development of 2-3 new miniatures for each force. These will be individual miniatures, not part of the starter sets. Supporters from $25 up to $75 get their choice of one of the new miniatures, unpainted in packaging. Supporters from $100 and up get all of the new miniatures for one force. Supporters from $500 and up get all of the new miniatures for all four forces. This is in addition to the other bonus rewards.
A quick overview of the new force: The Scaly Horde is a heterogeneous amalgam of creatures, ranging from Dagathonan fish-men to blind Abyssal Garks, and led by scientists from the Sunless Forests, the insectoid Clal-Chk, who wish to collect artifacts from the seafloor to help rebuild their own crumbling civilization.

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