DeepWars Hunters of the Abyss Kickstarter Happening Now

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 20th, 2017

Under the sea…
Well, now that I’ve got that song stuck in your head, let’s take a look at DeepWars. AntiMatter Games is running a Kickstarter to expand their DeepWars line, including a new submarine as well as various other sea creatures and characters.

From the campaign:

This Kickstarter will help us produce new resin submarines for DeepWars, our game of underwater combat and exploration. The focus of the project is on the first of the planned submersibles, the Argonaut, as well as new miniatures for the game supplement, Blood Reef. The model for the Argonaut has been sculpted in 3D and is almost ready for production. The model is 200 mm in length and scaled for 30mm gaming.

The submarine will come with a detailed coral reef base and will have a full cockpit interior with windows cast in clear resin to allow for viewing of the pilot.

We are also producing new miniatures for DeepWars…

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  • Jared Swenson

    I have always been interested in deepwars or shadowsea, but never enough to pull the trigger on it. I love the concepts for the setting, and I am a big fan of the Song of Blades and Heroes game engine, but the price point of the minis and very little local interest keeps me from it. But with only a $9 pledge just to get the PDFs and a mini I think I am definitely going for this.

    • Samiel Ebersbacher

      You should definitely give it a try; I’m a fan of the way they adapted the SOBH rules to their setting and the way they further evolved them across editions of the game. It keeps the SOBH fast play and style, but no longer links combat results to odd/even die results and uses a wound system instead of the knock down, then beat the knocked down guy to kill system.

    • Paul Burton

      The Miniatures are really nice. I happened to pick one up as an impulse buy a couple of years ago at Adepticon and I love the style of them. I have yet to actually play a game (I don’t know anyone in my area who plays lol!) but it’s not stopping me from getting a couple of forces together so I can at least get one of my gaming buddies to try it out.