Deepstrike Radio episode 5 posted

Episode 5 of the Deepstrike Radio 40K podcast is now available.

From their announcement:

Welcome to Episode Five of Deepstrike Radio. This week the crew discuss Boils, Bikes, and the Bro-Code. (Just kidding)

News in a Flash
This time on the News, DSR talks big goings on. Inquisitors, Space Marine Gravy, Ciaphas Cain’s Christmas Special, Moto Challenges and more. Oh, and be sure to join us for the Christmas Call in Show on Wednesday the 22nd. We’ll be holding two call in sessions at 3-4:30 AM GMT, and 9-10:30 AM GMT, so look out callers, DSR wants you.

Sponsor Alert
DSR is brought to you by, the ultimate resource for all your bits needs. Rogal Dorn approved.

The Librarius
This week in The Librarius Pappy Nurgle, the Lord of Decay himself lumbers in for a vist. The boys talk rot, disease, and hugs all around.

Free Plug – Gale Force 9
The Free Plug for Episode Five goes to Gale Force 9, an awesome site for terrain, hobby tools, and the best green stuff ever.

Main Topic
DSR rides off into the sunset in style. Bikes, bikes, and more bikes on the Main topic this week. Everything from Jetbikes, to Rough Riders to KHAAAAAAN, the boys talk tactics, styles and more.

The Hobby Trenches
Rising up from the darkness of the Interwebs the crew close out this week with the all important 40k Vidyah Games. Chris obsesses over Chaos Gate, Chase just can’t get over his Dark Millenium rage, and Dave has a headache.

Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed, especially coming up to the live Christmas Call in Show.

Thanks for listening, and Strike Fast, Play Hard.