Deepstrike Radio episode 4 posted

Episode 4 of the Deepstrike Radio podcast has been posted.

From their announcement:

Episode #4 – A New Hope

Welcome to Episode Four of Deepstrike Radio. This week the boys cover a wide range of topics, from the absolutely taurrible to the taurrific (Tired of these puns yet? TOO BAD.) In the Librarius the boys cover the expansionist behavior of the Tau to point levels and bringing up the rear is our hobby tools workshop.

News in a Flash
This time on the News, DSR talks big developments. New Forge World (Achilles. That thing is dead sexy), Black Library Live, Battlefoam trays, the flying brick that is the Stormraven and dirty cheaters. Also, big announcement this week, the launch of The Custodes, DSR’s community, and our forum. (Free to join for the first week.) And what’s this? DSR at Australia Games Day 2011? Madness.

The Librarius
This week in The Librarius the boys take a look at the manipulative and expansionist nature of the Tau. From secret plots to shiny new pieces of tech, the boys cover it all.

Main Topic
DSR takes a look at point levels. How the varying point values affect your game, how to adjust lists and themes based on point values and more. Oh, and Chase can’t seem to control his rants this week, so stay tuned.

The Hobby Trenches
And to finish out the episode, the boys talks shop – literally. DSR talks hobby tools, suggestions, usage tips, and personal recommendations from the hosts. Simple Green, glaze medium, scalpels and more.

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Thanks for listening, and Strike Fast, Play Hard!