Deepstrike Radio Dark Eldar review now available

Episode 3 of the Deepstrike Radio 40K podcast is now available and it focuses on the recent Dark Eldar releases.

From their announcement:

Deepstrike Radio would officially like to introduce ourselves to the TGN network, and what an episode we have to do so.

Episode #3 – You Are Not Prepared
Welcome to Episode Three of Deepstrike Radio. This week the crew explores every nook and cranny of Commoragh and the Dark Eldar. Come along with us as we explore the life and times of the immortal pirate perverts themselves. Out of the gate, the boys sum up their 40k activities since the last show, including tournament lessons, some Dark Eldar play testing and a few important announcements.

News in a Flash
This time on the News, DSR talks shop – new Forge World kits and Chapterhouse Studios’ most disturbing model yet. The hosts also explore the discuss of the annals of the Black Library like the nerds they are, and puzzle over their lack of rage. Not to mention, someone wins a contest by guessing the obvious.

Sponsor Alert
DSR is brought to you by, the ultimate resource for all your bits needs. Rogal Dorn approved.

The Librarius
This week in The Librarius the boys take a look at the history and evolution of the Dark Eldar. DSR gives you the gruesome details of Eldar biology, more than anyone wishes to know about the birthing of Slaanesh, and the disturbing goings on of the Pleasure Cults. The boys examine the fluff in the new Dark Eldar codex and their progression from third edition to fifth edition. Oh, and they may or may not cackle over the fate of some innocent Tau.

Free Plug – Wayland Games
The Free Plug for Episode Three goes out to Wayland Games – an awesome site that provides everything from foam, to paint to models from all ranges and sizes.

Main Topic
Continuing along in the Dark Eldar mega-sode DSR dives into the rules and tactical applications present in the new Dark Eldar codex. They travel through every tier of Commoragh along the way, mentioning favorite units, tactics, and advice for playing Dark Eldar in Fifth edition. DSR also provide some lists for the audience to look over and enjoy while following along in the main topic.

The Hobby Trenches
And to finish out the episode, the boys talks shop, exploring conversion and painting suggestions for Eldar of all types, from Dark Eldar to Exodites to the Craftworld boys themselves. DSR talks kit bashing, fancy paint jobs and over complicated sigils to round out this massive instalment of Deesptrike Radio.

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Thanks for listening, and Strike Fast, Play Hard!