Deep Dish miniature bases now available

War Cast Studios have released a set of Deep Dish miniature bases with rounded edges.

Deep Dish bases

From their announcement:

New Deep Dish bases with the fancy edged lip. These new bases are ideal for creating custom themes where you need some dimension and depth to your base. Perfect for adding green stuff or water effects when you are making swamp bases. Just add a mesh panel and get real depth from your sci-fi flooring.

These new bases are available in 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. Look for them in our online store.

  • Kabulo

    These bases are cool, but not new!
    They are made my several Companies all over the world who are producing them for years now!
    BacktoBaseX in Australia for example!

    and some more!

    • Zac

      I think you are misreading their use of “new”. They have a difference set if hollow bases and these are the “new” ones they sell. I don’t think they are trying to say that they are somehow unique.