Deep-Cut Studio taking pre-orders for new Sci-Fi containers

Deep-Cut Studio is taking names of those gamers who want their new Sci-Fi containers as soon as they’re available.

From the announcement:

Deep-Cut Studio is sharing 10 good reasons why their new sci-fi containers are a must have for every table.

  • surprize

    I know these are cheap, so you have to temper expectations a little, but I’d like to see some details etched into the panels with the laser, panel lines, rivets something like that to provide some visual interest. I know they are just supposed to be shipping boxes, but they look a little TOO boxy for my tastes atm!

  • Dude

    I dunno. They look pretty good, the painted ones at least. But I might be biased because they used Infinity minis in the promo pic.

  • Gobbla

    They look really nice. if they look good compared to infinity models, i imagine how they look compared to others (not the best quality models)