Deep-Cut Studio releases first fantasy football mats

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Jun 19th, 2014

Deep-Cut Studio enters the world of fantasy sports games with the release of their first fantasy football map.

Fantasy Football mat


From the announcement:

Finally we can announce that first of many upcoming fantasy football mats is here. We are glad it received a lot of attention and feedback from you and we hope that final release will find a place on your tables. It is manufactured from a sturdy vinyl and has a scratch resistant high quality print. Virtually it will take hundreds of games to at least see the first marks of its use. Check it out at our gallery or webshop for more close-ups.

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  • S.Helt

    Would be cool, if it wern’t for the PVC. Sure, there are concerns with most plastics, but I think it is irresponsible to continue to use PVC where other options are available. Some of the plasticisers needed to make it soft are potential health risks. They also smell.

    • Soulfinger

      I’d like to know more. By other options, do you mean other materials or other plasticizers? As I understand it, ortho-phthalate esters are commonly used and potential endocrine disruptors, but these are not the only plasticizers available for PVC products. Plasticizers derived from vegetable substances are becoming more common, because of the European market and the medical industry taking steps toward phasing out phthalates. Sure, this company probably sources their vinyl from a factory in China where the workers look like that guy who had toxic waste dumped on him in the original Robocop, but who knows?

      • S.Helt

        I was thinking most of material. I don’t really know which, but I find it hard to imagine that no other, friendlier, material is suitable.
        The burning of waste PVC tends to generate dioxines, and the monomer is a carcinogen. As for plasticisers, you are right, but the phthalates are still in use, and gaming rooms can be odorous enough without the smell of volatiles from gaming components.

        But PVC is cheap, I guess.