Deep Cut Studio has laster-etched terrain

Deep Cut Studio has a new tribal line of laser-cut buildings. I can neither confirm nor deny if the lasers were attached to sharks at the time of the cutting.

From the announcement:

Deep-Cut Studio are happy to announce a new range of products – tribal buildings. This new line will suit perfectly any non-urban terrain. Most buildings represent crude wooden shacks, leather covered tents, bone-framed structures, etc. A wonderland for orcs, greenskins and cold-bloods.

Have a look at their gallery for some pictures and let them know what you think about it!

  • This is about half of a Warcraft 2 themed table for Orcs 😛 I really appreciate that someone did some good tribal stuff.
    Suggestions for anyone wanting to punch these up a notch in detail.. Take some tissue paper (like the sort for presents..not bathroom paper) and cut it to the appropriate shapes. Coat the wood with very wattery craft glue and apply the paper. Go back over the paper very gently with some more watered down craft glue to get it to crinkle a little.. Should look like old hide when it’s dry. You can also get fake animal fur and securely attach it to the top.. then take watery craft glue and “brush” the fake hair to create the appearance of a grass roof. I’ve seen these techniques done before on buildings someone made from styrene (similar in theme to this) and it looks really good when painted up and added to a scenic table.

    Hopefully they’ll get some US distribution in the near future.