December Releases from RAFM

RAFM have added several new miniatures and accessories to their online store. In addition they have updated their online newsletter

From their announcement:

2051 Heroines $33.00
This box contains 10 female figures from the popular MDH line.

Fantasy unit boxes

  • 4609 Durnanoth Elf Warriors $33.00
  • 4612 Death Head Huzzars $33.00

Modern Accessories
2703 “I” Beams $8.95
Great for adding little extras to dioramas or basing. This package contains 2 ft. of I beam

Fantasy Accessories

  • 4590 Fantasy Pole Arms $9.95
  • 4591 Fantasy terrain $9.95

Modelling Accessories New Pigments
This new line of pigments adds a whole new dimension to modelling. Perfect for adding weathering effects
such as dust and mud. Many other advanced techniques can also be used to enhance the finish of

  • 1500 Slate $3.95
  • 1501 Black $3.95
  • 1502 Brown $3.95
  • 1503 Light Yellow ochre $3.95
  • 1504 Umber $3.95

Modern Day Heroes singles

  • 2860 Action Jackson $4.95
  • 2861 Samurai Elvis $4.95

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