Deadzone Wave 2 Kickstarter Packages begin shipping

Mantic lets us know how things are going along with their Deadzone Kickstarter shipping. Wave 2’s on its way to you.



From the update:

Today the first Deadzone Wave 2 parcels were packed up and dispatched.

This first phase of parcels mostly contains items like the Strider, Stuntbot, the great new Plague Zombies and the incredible Secret Weapon Gaming Board – any pledge that doesn’t contain Asterians or Forge Fathers essentially, of which there are quite a few.
If your pledge contains Asterians and/or Forge Fathers, these will be shipped next, in a second phase of Wave 2 shipping 🙂

Please remember that there will be a third shipment that contains just the Enforcers and Enforcers in Peacekeeper Armour, dispatched later this year.