Dead Earth Games posts Latest Production Metals

Dead Earth Games is showing off 3 new production metal models they’ve been working on.


From the preview:

Unfortunately missed the brilliant sunshine to take pictures of these, as I should have done! Our latest production metals. These are the figures as they will reach you! Modellers of experience note that there has been no cleaning of these – no mold lines cleaned and no flash removed, this is how they come!

  • wormwoode

    Out of curiosity: how do the minis have no clean-up? What’s the process for getting that result with metal?

    • Hehe – good casting. There are some really high-end miniatures in metal that would baffle you detail and quality wise. It’s not as much the material in the end as it is the experience and practice of the molder/caster. Obviously a shit sculpt can’t be magicked into something good. Everything else is a myth – as a buyer you should always expect near flawless casts as it should be the standard rather than the exception. Unfortunately it’s the other way around.

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    better Sculpts than the previous ones methinks.i suppose Mr.May was listenig to some of the Feedback on Frothers lol