D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie Available From WizKids

Many of us play our tabletop RPGs using figures to represent the action going on. Many systems also suggest using a board with a grid to help make sure that everyone knows where different things actually are in the game. But many gamers (myself included) like to only use the “proper” figure for the various monsters. That’s not always easy. But WizKids is here to help with their D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie set, which is available now.

What sort of monsters can you expect? Gelatinous Cubes, Bulettes, Treants, and Displacer Beasts, for example. So you can make sure that you have the right type of monster for your particular encounter.


  • Valander

    Randomized, pre-painted plastic. Pass.

    • Davos Seaworth

      It wouldn’t be so bad if they looked good, but the paint jobs on all of the Icons Of The Realm minis are just so, so terrible. If I’m paying for pre-paints, I want them done above a kindergarten level.

      • Andre mcinnis

        If you want repainted miniatures above Kindergarten level then we would be paying $50+ a package!!

        • Davos Seaworth

          I just don’t know how pre-painted minis are WORSE now than ever. They weren’t great back in the days of the original D&D minis, but these latest Icons Of The Realm versions are laughably bad. Srsly, they are better off just not painting them at all.


    It’s not just monsters. There are five companions from Sword Coast Legends, the game that put n-Space out of business!

    • DB

      As someone who played it during a Steam Free Weekend, n-Space’s demise was a mercy killing.

      That game is dull.

  • DB

    Anyone who needs a Gelatinous Cube miniature _clearly_ doesn’t know that Jello on a plastic base holds up surprisingly well.

  • Bagel13

    Do the D&D minis tend to look worse than the Pathfinder minis to anyone else? With WK making both, I’d think they would be comparable in quality. The detail and poses of the Pathfinder line always seems better.

    • Davos Seaworth

      Yes, the D&D minis look worse. Maybe the Paizo money is better than the WotC money, so they spend more time on the Pathfinder sculpts.