D&D gaming mats back in print from Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 has some of their Dungeons & Dragons gaming mats now available in their webshop. They’ve been out of print, but not for now.



From the release:

We just updated our DnD store to include some DnD mats that were previously out of print. These DnD vinyl mats really bring the world of DnD to life. Gale Force Nine’s Game Mats are high-quality single-sided vinyl surfaces that are ideal battle grids for staging encounters. The mats lie flat for ease of play and are sold in a sturdy polycarbonate tube for easy storage and transport. The mats may be marked with WET-ERASE markers to temporarily alter terrain areas or make other notes about battlefield conditions during play. The Game Mats measure 20” x 30” and are marked with a 1” grid.

Checkout our store to see all game mats we have to offer!

  • 4tonmantis

    Seems like someone in the aether heard my pleas for a vinyl generic dungeon mat. Good show GF9, good show indeed!

    • Soulfinger

      Good to see you found the generic set. I get put off by maps like the one pictured above. $20 seems like a lot of money for a one-shot, unless it works like, “You enter the abandoned hamlet of Penetaco, which looks surprisingly like the hamlets of Pelotas Viejas and Erigir, except this place is oriented in a different direction so that the giant chasm runs east to west. Also, you are attacked by a bunch of my Bones miniatures.”

      • 4tonmantis

        lol, yeah the big generic one is the one I’m looking at since the extremely specific ones are just that. After that other link you shared though I’m starting to think of doing my own simple tiles using that technique.
        The only exception is I have an idea for a campaign that will largely be set in a specific pirate port.. meaning a lot of back and forth to very specific locations. There will also be some generic things like pirate ships.. one or two ship maps would cover a lot of ground for the types of adventures I have in mind there. Paizo has probably the best system I’ve seen though with map sections and tiles that can be re-arranged a bit. I think WOTC has something similar but I’m not overly familiar with it.

        • Soulfinger

          It just seems to me (and I’m probably giving away a KS idea here) that a generic mat with a die-cut vinyl scenery sheet would be far more practical than a static arrangement. You could rearrange the ships on your map so they aren’t docked in the exact same place every time or use the map pictured above with an outhouse in place of Privy Chasm. You could even mix and match.

          • 4tonmantis

            That’s the general idea behind the paizo sets I was talking about. They have a generic setting of a semi-urban map but you can put a bizarre down or their harbor set you can arrange the docks in different ways, etc. In fact the harbor tiles are on my list because of that campaign I’m planning. It will feature a few different docks and being able to mix and match will be nice.
            The ships I was talking about are at sea.. so there’s not really a whole lot that would change about that.