• blkdymnd

    This is white metal, correct? If so, man that thing looks very front heavy the way they posed it off the base. I really like the model, definitely the first Retribution model that has even been ok in my view (I just hate the armor design), but I just see it being very front tipsy.

    • cybogoblin

      I had a similar problem with the Retribution Destor Cavalry Unit. At least one of those models is only attached to the base by one leg. That’s just madness for a model that size.

  • ninja007

    I would definitely scoot it back onto the base quite a bit…it’s pretty much always best practice to center a mini onto its base as much as it possible.

    As far as being supported by only one leg, that’s a non-issue unless you are taking truly poor care during play and transport or didn’t assemble it badly. We can’t see how it attaches to the base, but assuming it’s a slot/tab like usual, it’s not a problem, the metal is more than strong enough to easily support the weight and when glued in well, the tab will hold much more weight than that w/o issues. Sure does on the Uhlans.

    I was hoping this guy had some sort of “heroic” distinguishing banners or something to make him pop out as a character. Then again, he looks just like the painting, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.