Dawn of the Lead reviews Forlorn Hope’s Skeletal Robots

Dawn of the Lead posted up a preview of the Skeletal Robots made by Forlorn Hope.
Insert Terminator reference here.

From the review:

The blog Dawn of the Lead has just published a review of the Skeletal robots produced by Forlorn Hope Games.

Overall verdict? Not excellent, but worth checking out.

  • grimbergen

    I didn’t know T-800s can crouch…

  • Soulfinger

    “Are you Sarah Conner? Do you mind if I look around your back yard with my metal detector?” Or maybe that’s a flame thrower, which makes more sense.

  • Gailbraithe

    At first I was like “Those are pretty decent sculpts.” Then I was like “Wait, that’s 25mm? Yikes.” Because those totally look like 15mm quality. Which is to say bad.

    • Soulfinger

      Oh wow. I had the same first impression. Those are downright awful for 25mm.

      • grimbergen

        Yeah I thought they were 15mm also until Gail mentioned it! pretty sad. but I’ll get it anyway for the flamethrower — I mean metal detector T-800.