Dave Taylor selling Legio Custodes Army

Dave Taylor is helping to raise funds for two friends by selling his Warhammer 40K Legio Custodes Army on eBay.


From his announcement:

One friend was body surfing and was dumped by a wave. He hit the bottom and broke his neck. Not only was he fortunate enough to not drown, but he was also not permanently paralyzed. He did, however, have to take a chopper ride to shock trauma where he underwent three emergency surgeries to save his life and future mobility. He is currently undergoing the early stages of his long rehabilitation process (and painting some Wood Elves as a dexterity building exercise). The real tragedy here is that he was “in-between” employer-supported insurance programs, and has some pretty big bills to pay.

My other friend was fortunate enough to be with his wife when she gave birth to their first child. Less than a week later, his wife passed away from a pregnancy-related complication that really could never have been spotted. It took the coroner two weeks to determine the cause. That’s how obscure and hidden it was. My friend is now back at work and raising his son. As any of us with spouses and kids know, that is really tough – emotionally, physically, and financially.

I’ve had a lot of offers for this army over the years. Some of them I was sorely tempted by. But not until these recent occurrences has there been a real opportunity to do some good with it.