Dave Graffam Models releases Medieval Walls Set

Dave Graffam Models have released a new 30mm Medieval Walls cardstock terrainset


From their announcement:

This Medieval Walls Set is a modular 30mm papercraft kit, giving you lots of pieces and parts that you can use in various ways to design your own medieval walls layout. This set’s walls and watch towers can be used to surround a town or village, noble estates, parks, cemeteries, courtyards, prisons, sanitariums, military garrisons, or to separate the districts in a medieval city. There are countless ways to put these components together, and you’ll certainly come up with interesting combinations never anticipated by the original design.

Also, you can easily combine these pieces with other papercraft models. Each piece of this set is easy to assemble on its own, and the real artistry is how you start combining them. To start assembling your Medieval Walls Set, you need just some sheets of cardstock, a sharp hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

Be sure to visit DavesGames.Net to see this model and my entire papercraft collection.