Darkson to release Japanese AE-WWII army list

Darkson Designs have announced that they will be releasing an AE-WWII army list for the Japanese Imperial Army.

From their website:

We wanted to let you guys know that the trial list for the historical faction will be the Imperial Japanese Army, plus a little surprise from one of the other Japanese factions.

The OTW should be posted soon, next week at the latest. Barring the hideous amount of work for my job I’ve got to complete before I head off to GenCon

We’re all really looking forward to seeing people at GenCon. We’re also looking forward to seeing what you guys think of the list. Our playtesters had a lot of fun with the Banzai rules and the detachment building options. We hope that you all enjoy it too.

The Imperial Japanese Army will be in the next Darkson Designs expansion for AE-WWII: Black Reign.

Black Reign will introduce players to the war in the pacific, jungle fighting and the first factions involved with the Japanese in the Pacific war.

Included in Black Reign will be: 3 Japanese factions (IJA + two others), United States Marine Corps, Australian Military Forces and an expansion for the US Army and OORD.