Darklands June releases posted

Mierce Miniatures has their June releases for Darklands posted up on their website.


From the announcement:

The June releases are here! Four of them come from our Darklands: A World of War Kickstarter project, which is now almost complete as only the Wælwulfas (for the Angelcynn) are left to release; and this month sees the start of our ‘foot and mounted’ combinations, which allow you to purchase both forms of a particular commander or general at a discount, which is always nice.

This month, then, we have Penda the Bloody-Handed on Foot and on Horse for the Angelcynn; a Fomoraic Warchief, Aalvór, who is a Mallax Tain; Jowan and Hounds of Carn Dhu for the Ysians, comprising Jowan the Hound-Master and three Drune-Hounds; the Hounds of Carn Dhu release, containing five random Drune-Hounds for the Ysians, and finally, again for the Ysians, Druc the mighty Meat-Hulk!

Just like the last few months, thanks to us being busier than busy bees we’ve just not had the time to get the release art and descriptions done; but you can still see some good images of each miniature on the website of course.