Darkest Star Games sneak-peeks 15mm mini-bot

Darkest Star Games is previewing a new 15mm mini-bot they’ve got in the works.

From the preview:

The first offerings of our upcoming anime inspired 15mm line, Spec-Sec (Special Security), is close to release. As such, we though we’d share a little teaser of a mini mech that was just sent off to be 3d printed.

Much more to come, stay tuned!

  • It is a shame it wasn’t a little bigger… I have been looking for Tachikomas for a Grymn project 🙁

    • Maybe the russion one from SotR, the ‘Suslik’ can be a good Tachikoma for Grymm… it has some sort of mining tools, so it might fit with your tunnel dwellers.

  • Jarec

    Definitely a Tachikoma. I’m sure I can fit this into my army somewhere. Shame it’s not 28mm though or I could add some to my Infinity army as proxies.

  • marrak

    Agreed, if this was 28mm, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Being 15mm, I may have a use for it, but now i’ll definitely be more hesitant.