Darkest Star Games sneak peeks 15mm Battle-armor

Darkest Star Games has a preview picture up of some Battle armor they’re working on in 15mm scale.

From the preview:

Hello all! We hope your holidays are coming along well and that you got a HUGE stash of presents.

We at Darkest Star Games have been busy little beavers, and have posted a sneak peek of our upcoming 15mm Landmate style Battle-armor on out blog. Drop on by and let us know what you think!

  • cama

    Dark Starr: Head Shrink Ray armour is a go!

  • Haibane

    Nah, it’s a copy of the ‘landmates’ that the Olympus police use in Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed manga. Hopefully they’ll do the cool little copters the air police use too 🙂