Dark Tavern Press Launches IndieGogo for The Shroud of the Ancients RPG

Dark Tavern Press started out an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund their new RPG, The Shroud of the Ancients.

From the campaign:

Shroud of the Ancients is a fantasy roleplaying game is set in a post-cataclysmic dystopia where your character lives in the sanctuary known as Aegis; a place where hard-working citizens are often the pawns of political and religious power struggles. A brave few stand up to the corruption they encounter, while others play along, hoping to prosper and endure. Meanwhile, the devastated world outside, which the scholars refer to as Terrath, holds the promise of independence, but at the expense of security. In truth, it is said that only the most experienced souls have a chance to survive the perilous shroud that now cloaks the world.

  • Soulfinger

    I broke my Google. What was that old FASA game called that was this but better?

  • mechaace

    Are you thinking of Earthdawn by FASA, who I think are now publishing it again, or Fireborn by Fantasy flight games?

    I’m not sure either of them are exactly this, other than their being some form of apocalypse, and a new world coming about.

    • Soulfinger

      Earthdawn, that’s the one! Same fantasy apocalypse theme but interesting, although I am sure that all of the details they fail to mention with this game are absolutely fascinating. At present the description just reads like, “There’s Aegis, it’s boring. There’s everywhere else, it sucks. Take your pick. BAM! Shroud of the Ancients RPG!”

      Good call on Fireborn with the similar logos.

  • Shroudmaster

    Oddly, enough, I picked up a copy of Earthdawn in pristine shape at my local gaming store for $1 last week. I flipped through it and I can certainly see how the overall concept of a post cataclysmic fantasy world might offer a comparison to Shroud of the Ancients.

    Hopefully, we will win you guys over. This is a fairly new game system and final playtesting begins shortly for our fans that backed the initial run of this crowdfunder. So we will see what kind of input we get from them.

    Thanks for the comments. Keep ’em coming.

    • Soulfinger

      My beef is just that there are no real details anywhere — not on the Indiegogo, not the KS, not even your website. It seems like you had to be there at one of these con events or be a backer to have any idea what your setting is really about. Post cataclysmic fantasy has been done a lot, oftentimes very well, and there is nothing in your description to set your game head-and-shoulders above the rest or establish it as anything other than generic fantasy Fallout.

      I dig that your KS funded, but I think you would have found many more backers interested in the game itself, rather than a $5 discount and free S&H on Gamescience dice, if there had been a more disclosure and a thorough presentation.

  • Shroudmaster

    Hey Soulfinger,

    Thanks for the input. It was a tough call for us when we put the KS together; too much detail and people can tune out, not enough and people may feel uninformed. But as far as disclosure goes, I have seen very detailed and potentially interesting games tank and have seen some borderline vague projects make thousands of dollars. Sometimes, it’s zeitgeist, star power, perceived value or one of a hundred other variables, but often it’s the little things that make or break a crowdfunder. For instance, we learned that Kickstarter and indiegogo look the same on the surface, but they function very differently and this has made our indiegogo “art booster” campaign more of an uphill battle than we imagined. Live and learn… hopefully.

    Our goal right now is to meet our obligations to our KS backers (as well as indiegogo project supporters that back this project) and to give our website a solid reboot. Then, we will see how people respond to the game. I am just very thankful that enough of the gaming community believed in us and the initial project to make it happen.

    Thanks again for the insight and the feedback.