Dark Prevailer for Dark Age now available for iOS

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Apr 2nd, 2013

Dark Age army management program Dark Prevailer is now available for the iOS platform.

From the update:

Dark Prevailer for iOS, a mobile app supporting Dark Age, is now available, for free, from the App Store.

Please check it out, submit bugs, feature requests, etc.

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  • vitzh

    If only WM/Hs had such excellent army building software. :/

  • Veritas

    They had one! It was even free and made by fan. Worked like a dream with all the theme forces and was updated in a timely manner. Then PP decided they could make a profit off of the idea and everything went to hell.

  • PhineusPhule

    The only important question here is how long til the Android version releases? Not sure,
    but wasn’t this program developed by the same guy that did iBodger?