Dark Hammer Miniatures releases their Undead Samurai model

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 24th, 2013

Dark Hammer Miniatures previewed this guy not long ago. Well, now he’s available to have for your very own.

From the announcement:

Undead Samurai Miniature Release

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  • jedijon

    There’s some really good details present on the figure. What strikes me is how thin the weapon & banner are. Not good for gaming. Then, undead horses must have an awfully strange gate – this guy’s going to fall face-first in a half a second. Somebody should do a diorama of this dude…right at the top of a tall cliff.

    Dead horse/rider.

    Want to know how they died the FIRST TIME?

    • Ghost

      The *gait seems fine to me although I agree clumsy gamers could break the yari or sashimono

  • Stu

    It is a lovely sculpt, although I do wish the head was lolling to the side, or backwards rather than straight down. The position of the head just seems to sap the energy out of the rider somehow.

  • SVKBaki

    I have another idea for diorama 🙂 put a giant fan in front of this, as the leaned pose of the horse is rather strange, it looks like walking against some strong wind.

    But apart of that, it grows on me.

  • There’s a key component missing here — size.

    While I like the model I want to know what the scale/size is before I plonk down $45 for it.

  • Henrix

    A lovely figure. The pose is perfect undead sluggishness, reluctantly stuck on this world.
    Even the horse does the zombie shuffle.

    Clearly a collector’s figure, as the price indicates.

    • Ghost

      Agreed. I think most kids have missed the point that he’s an undead samurai on an undead mount – hence the lack of energy and leaning pose.

  • Nicolay

    This company is still using imagery on their website that does not belong to them (belongs to Blizzard), which indicates they have zero respect for IP and copyright.

  • Nicolay

    The second image is also from the Warcraft universe, but the title and artists’ name elude me, so am having a hard time to find it.

  • janus

    The company seems to be based in China, no wonder.